iPhone 5 Launch Announcement To Be Upstaged By Facebook’s iPad Announcement

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On October 4th, Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5. This has been circling around the internet for some time now, and all leaks seem to confirm the rumor. At this event, which is now expected to be held at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium, should be a day for Tim Cook to come into the homes of Apple fanatics, and also usher in a new take on what a smartphone should be. However, Facebook has an announcement that they will deliver on that day. Moreover, Facebook will announce it on the same stage Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, will announce the iPhone 5 on.

But before we let this get any wilder, it all appears to be planned. So what’s really going on? According to Mashable, Facebook will launch their highly anticipated “iPad App at Apple’s iPhone 5 event.” Additionally, their sources state that we should “expect Facebook to unveil a new version of Facebook for the iPhone, with design and speed improvements that mimic the iPad app.”

So why weren’t these announcements made at Facebook’s f8 Developers Conference? Well that event was all about the open graph and Timeline. You know – the changes that we all love in the new Facebook. And why now, after a pretty cold relationship with Apple? Simply stated … Google! Google has a social site and Android. And these two together, have what the other lacks.

So about that upstaged thing … it’s not going to happen. The iPhone 5 trumps anything on that day. However, this will add to the fireworks for Tim Cooks announcement of the iPhone 5 and its’ launch. Thoughts?

Via [Mashable]

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