Facebook Now Has Over 800 Million Users, How Long To 1 Billion?

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Back in July, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had reach 750 million users. Today at Facebook’s F8 conference, it was announced that Facebook had passed 800 million users. For those counting, that’s over 50 million users since July. Pretty impressive to say the least, regardless if Zuckerberg thinks that stat does not matter. In addition to that announcement, which was delivered by Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live, Zuckerberg noted that Facebook recently had a day in which 500 million users logged into the site. Again, very impressive.

So how many of you are logged into Facebook right now? Also, how long do you think it will take until Facebook reaches one billion users? It seems pretty inevitable at this point!

NOTE: Facebook user count based on accounts logged in during the past 30 days.

Via [Mashable]

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