The iPad 3 Will Not Launch Until 2012, “Forget About It” In 2011

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It’s always about what’s coming next in the tech world, and that simple fact had many believing the iPad 2 and iPad 3 could launch in the same year. However, as Mark Moskowitz, an analyst for J.P. Morgan points out, the iPad 3 will not launch this year, but rather in 2012.

Moskowitz states that, “In recent months, there has been rising investor speculation that a new iPad 3 would be launched for the holiday season. Our latest research continues to indicate that there is no such device slated for production this year. … There are prototypes in the supply chain related to the next-generation device, but our conversations with industry participants suggest that a new device will not be available until sometime in calendar 2012.”

While it seems so long ago (it’s really not), the iPad 2 was just launched in March. Add that to the fact that other tablet makers are failing, why should Apple rush the next iPad to the market? After all, 2011 is the “Year of iPad 2”.

So what do you think? Should Apple release another tablet this year? Or should they continue with the yearly cycle? Hit up the comments and let us know!

Via [AllThingsD]

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