T-Mobile Still “Confident” About The Merger With AT&T, In Spite Of Challengers

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Right now it seems that so many are against T-Mobile’s merger with AT&T. Most notably are Sprint, the Department of Justice, and seven state attorney generals. Maybe it’s just the noise from these groups, but it looks like it will be a tough climb to approval for AT&T and T-Mobile. However, that has not swayed T-Mobile’s confidence on the likelihood of the merger approval.

T-Mobile’s senior vice president of government affairs, Tom Sugrue, stated “”Given the numerous benefits the merger will bring to consumers, businesses, and the US economy in the form of greater innovation, enhanced competition, and increased jobs, we remain confident that the facts will prevail and the acquisition will proceed.”

Direct, stern, and precise. All in all, we’re sure there are facts that the other guys will point out as well. And we’re sure that counters will be made against all of these points that Sugrue made. In any case, T-Mobile will come out winners in this deal, because ultimately if it’s not approved, they’ll still end up with a payday.

So what’s your vote on this deal? Approved or Denied?

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