iPhone 5 Future Owners With An iPhone 4 Should Sell Now, Even Though You’re A Little Late

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If you’re the type that loves to hold onto your old iPhones, this may not be for you. However, if you prefer selling your old iPhone, and in this case the iPhone 4, you may want to do that NOW. Why? Because rumors and near confirmations of the iPhone 5 and an updated iPhone 4 are swirling. Additionally, speculated launch dates have already been noted as well. Those things alone are enough to drive down the value of your old iPhone 4.  Some would say that you should have sold well before now, and that maybe true. But the value of the iPhone 4 could suffer even more.

According to NextWorth, a consumer electronics recycler, the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G dropped in price value by 10% – 15% by the time the iPhone 4 was announced. Moreover, by the time Apple actually launched the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS had dropped approximately 22% in resale value on eBay, and the iPhone 3G had dropped 27%.

No one knows what a cheaper model like the rumored iPhone 4S will do to these numbers, but we could safely assume it wouldn’t help them. So what are we saying again? We’re only saying that if you are planning on purchasing the iPhone 5 and have an iPhone 4, you may want to sell it NOW. And that’s if you believe and trust all the reports of the upcoming launch. So who’s selling?

Via [BGR]

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