Dead Island Weapons List : Tools Of The Trade

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Slaying zombies is a lot of work, and just wouldn’t be possible without the right tools for the job. Sometimes we find ourselves in inopportune situations, but we make the best out of them with what we have.. even the lowly broom stick could save your life in your darkest hour.

If you’ve played Dead Island, then you know each weapon has various grades, such as flimsy, unreliable, defective, and the list just goes on and on. In order to save you from reading the same weapon 30 times and to save me hours and hours of typing we’ve just listed the types of weapons without the grades, as they are essentially the same weapon just with better or worse attributes. I’ve also left out most modded weapons as we plan to make an article dedicated just to weapon mods soon.

Dead Island is huge as you may know, but I’ve done my best to provide you with the most comprehensive weapons guide out there. Rest assured I will be coming back here to add any new weapons I find, and if you know of one that was left off the list feel free to leave a comment so we can add it.  Check back often!

Sharp Weapons 

  1. Pick of Destiny – Quest Reward
  2. Pick Ax
  3. Chainsaw –  Hidden Weapon…  Check out the guide on how to get it. (Spoiler Alert!)
  4. Electric Machete
  5. Diving Knife
  6. Military Knife
  7. Military machete Quest Reward
  8. Machete
  9. Kitchen Knife
  10. Cleaver
  11. Ripper – DLC weapon
  12. Hatchet
  13. Splitting Axe
  14. Universal Axe
  15. Wicked Knife
  16. Slicer
  17. Double Blade
  18. Katana
  19. Sickle
  20. Bush Master
  21. Zed’s Demise
  22. Viking of the South
  23. Tanto
  24. Exotic Cane Knife
  25. Master Chef
  26. Banisher
  27. Assassins Greed
  28. The Machete
  29. Wakizashi

Blunt Weapons

  1. Bleeding Baseball Bat
  2. Nail’d Stick
  3. Nail’d Baseball Bat
  4. Frying Pan – Now that’s hardcore!
  5. Baseball bat
  6. Crow Bar
  7. Wrench
  8. Hammer – too legit.. too legit to quit..
  9. Boat Paddle
  10. Sledgehammer
  11. Gabriel’s Hammer – Quest reward ( It’s a Shiny Sledge Hammer)
  12. Spade
  13. Shovel – It’s not the same as the spade… or is it?
  14. Broom Stick – Nothing says Zombie Slayer like quarter inch piece of wood….
  15. Pipe
  16. Tonfa
  17. Wooden Baton
  18. Police Baton
  19. Brass Knuckles
  20. Mace
  21. Morning Star
  22. Wooden Plank – If you’re down to this, things are really bad.
  23. Flanged Mace
  24. Bouncer’s Pal
  25. Home Run
  26. Blunt Speaker


  1. Revolver
  2. Magnum
  3. Semi-Automatic Pistol
  4. MaCall’s 9mm
  5. Single Shot Rifle
  6. Automatic Rifle
  7. Burst Rifle
  8. Crowd Pleaser
  9. Shotgun
  10. Short Shotgun
  11. Dead Eye Shotgun
  12. Heavy Pistol
  13. Heavy Semi-Automatic Pistol
  14. Striker shotgun (modded shotgun, shoots flame rounds.)
  15. Electric pistol (Modded Pistol, Shoots electric rounds)
  16. .50 Caliber Machine gun (mounted)

Thrown Weapons

  1. Deo-Bomb
  2. Zombie Bait
  3. Exploding Zombie Bait-( I got this blue print from PlayStation Home)
  4. Molotov Cocktail
  5. Sticky Bomb
  6. Grenade
  7. Incendiary Grenade
  8. Flare
  9. Sonic Pulse Grenade
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