Dead Island: A Hidden Weapon Even Jason Would Be Proud Of (Spoilers)

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Before you read any farther please be aware this page contains spoilers. You have been warned!

Deep in the jungles of Dead Island an awesome weapon awaits the greedy clutches of your loot hungry palms… and it rhymes with Chainsaw! That’s right, a beautiful piece of gas operated machinery primed and ready to zip through the rotting flesh of any zombie dumb enough to wander in your path. This weapon is unique, not only because…. well it’s a chainsaw, but because it does not have durability. Instead it seems to run off of fuel, that as far as I can tell cannot be replenished, so use this bad boy wisely. Enough of the fluff talk, let’s get down to business..

As I mentioned before the weapon is located in the jungle area of the game, and isn’t particularly hard to get to, well except.. I’ll tell you in a moment heheheh.. If you’re coming from the resort area, you’ll need to head over to the long bridge, not the short busted bridge going towards the river village. If you don’t know where this is, don’t worry I have a screen shot of the exact location marked with the way point pin below. Anyways, once you arrive at this long bridge, if it is your first time here, you will see a woman trapped in her truck with many zombies trying to snack on her.

Might as well go ahead and take them out because the quest that she will give you is on the way to where we are going.. After you’ve killed the zombies she will give you a quest asking you to pick up her lost meds and return them to a nearby village. Accept the quest and begin your descent carefully, picking up the quest items as you make your way to the bottom of the gully.

Once you’re at the bottom continue to the location marked on the map, it’s maybe a 30 second walk tops. Upon arrival you will see who else? Jason, you know.. the one from Friday the 13th. He will be hacking away at some zombies. P.S. he is not your friend as I quickly found out after my attempt to help him vanquish the undead, he quickly turned and killed me with a single chop from his machete.

Instead of trying to go toe to toe with him look around and you should see a ladder leading up to a building, spring over to it and climb up to safety. Once there, relax.. your semi-safe. Inside the building you will find the chainsaw, a few other little crafting items, and I.D. Card #69. Claim your prize and be on your way.

Fighting Jason is a complete waste of ammo, I must have shot him in the head over 60 times and hit him with a Molotov to finish him off, and all he dropped was a crummy machete that was not even any good. Trying to defeat him with melee attacks is simply not an option , at least not with Logan, perhaps Sam B would fare better, but I wouldn’t attempt it…

Enjoy Your Chainsaw!

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