Dead Island: Easter Egg List (Spoiler Alert!)

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Before we begin, please be aware that there are many spoilers below, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

There are many Easter eggs hidden throughout Dead Island, everything from Ted Bundy, to Friday the 13th references can be found if you take the time to explore. Not only will you find many cool, and sometimes funny things hidden in the game, you can find rare weapons as well! Below is a list of all known Easter Eggs as of the writing of this post. If any more are found we will update this page so be sure and check back often.

  • License plates read “D34D 1574ND” which translates from leet speak to “Dead Island”.
  • On various bookshelves throughout the game, you can find a book titled “Dead Island: A True Story”.
  • The challenge “Ya Really” is a reference to the popular internet meme “O Rly?”.
  • The achievement/trophy “Somebody Set Us Up The Bomb” is a reference to  “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”.
  • There are seriously long Easter eggs which include the collection and specific placement of several colored skulls, successfully completing this Easter egg results in Developer’s Mods which are blue prints for incredible items.
  • In the beginning, when you leave your room and enter the one down the hall left of you, you will find the couple from the trailer, apparently they didn’t do so well…
  • Beer machines all over Banoi, especially found in bars on the first map, have the trademark “Heineken” logo on them, but instead read “Dead Islander”.
  • You can find packets of tobacco scattered around the floor (there are lots located where you have to find flares in Act I) that are clearly modelled after Golden Virginia brand rolling tobacco.
  • In some places women can be heard speaking in Polish.
  • Posters with the face of Adrian Ciszewski, producer of “Dead Island”, and the words “VOTE!” can be found in cabin in Act I.
  • There is an obvious reference to the american serial killer Ted Bundy in Act 1. The man in the swimming pool surrounded by bodies is named Ted B.
  • The achievement Tis But A Flesh Wound is a reference to the famous “Black Knight” scene from “Monty Python And The Holy Grail.
  • There is a weapon called “Pick of Destiny”, this is possibly a reference to the Pick of Destiny Movie featuring Jack Black.
  • The quest Toy Story is a reference to the Toy Story movies.
  • The achievement/trophy Cardio which is a possible reference to Zombieland,  rule #1 is “Cardio”.
  • In the Laboratory, there is a janitor named Joel Dirt.
  • The weapon Zeds Demise is a reference to the movie Pulp Fiction.
  • While in the jungle during Act 3, a man named Jason can be seen fighting the undead with a machete while wearing a hockey mask. Jason is likely a reference to Friday the 13th. Check out the guide on how to get there HERE.
  • The quest Full Metal Jacket is a reference to the movie.
  • Character named Antonio Margarete is a reference to Inglorious Bastards
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