Netflix Feels The Effect Of Their Recent Plan Changes, Cuts Subscribers Forecast By 1 Million

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Earlier today Netflix released a statement to their shareholders detailing their adjusted subscriber forecast. As expected by many who were upset about the plan changes, Netflix is cutting their forecast by 1 million subscribers. Basically, Netflix is forecasting a decline in subscribers for their DVD-only customers, and their streaming-only customers. We definitely know why, but as it stands, Netflix still thinks this is the best course of action. On top of that, they have not even lowered their financial outlook for Q3.

While I can honestly say that I primarily use the streaming only option, it was nice, once upon a time, having them both. And since I have streaming only, let’s get this thing enhanced and upgraded with more and better choices.

One more thing, as you could expect. Netflix took a hard hit today in the market. Thoughts?

Via [TechCrunch]

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