Dead Island Character Breakdown And Strategy: Sam B

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Sam B Dead Island

Sam B

A one-hit-wonder rap star of fading fame, Sam B was booked by the Royal Palms Resort Hotel to perform his well-known song “Who Do You Voodoo?” at a high profile hotel party. He gladly took the chance to play this gig. Once strong, self-confident and proud, Sam B has had a troubled past and a history of drug and alcohol abuse, as his private life became caught in a haze of fake friends and bad advisors. Trying to pick up the pieces and earn some extra cash, he suddenly finds himself surrounded by a whole lot of different problems…

Playing As Sam B

Sam B is a character with a lot of personality, and while your playing as him, he will let you know exactly how he feels. He is primarily a tank, but just calling him a tank does not do him justice. Sam B has a whole slew of awesome melee attacks from devastating blunt weapons attacks, to bone crunching punches that would put Mike Tyson to shame. If you like administering in-your-face, up close and personal beatings, or shrugging off attacks that would leave others searching for a med-kit, this is the man for the job.

Depending on how your going to play will decide on how you spec at least a few of his talents. For instance if you are going to just play solo, and don’t plan on playing in a group ever or at all, his Decoy talent will be completely useless to you. If you do plan on playing in a group, and as a tank, then you really must take this, as it’s his only true agro generating talent. What good is a tank that can’t generate agro? Something else to think about is the increased XP talents, sure it will pay off in the short-term, but what good will it do you once your level capped? If later you can respect then this isn’t an issue, but currently you cannot so give it some thought.

Playing as a tank with Sam B can be a lot of fun, and he is definitely well suited  for the job with all of his damage mitigation and health regeneration skills. His tanking abilities don’t end there though, with skills that knock enemies down, knock them out, and the ability to use crowd control attacks on groups can really save your team in moments of despair. His tanking talents are pretty straight forward, you want anything that impairs an enemy, reduces damage, increases or restores health, draws attention to you, or otherwise makes you more resilient to attacks. Your job is to be the damage sponge and keep the enemy’s attention so your team mates can beat the hell out the zombies that plague Dead Island. Why should your teammates have all the fun though?

Sam B has his own arsenal of attacks that’ll turn the biggest zombie’s bones into dust. Sam B is first and foremost a melee fighter, specializing with blunt weapons and more particularly two-handed blunt weapons (if you spec into “big stick”). With most of his combat tree boosting blunt weapons, that stacking with the Big Stick talent can really improve your damage numbers. Plus it just feels right… I mean who better to use a sledgehammer than Sam B? (Insert M.C. Hammer joke here)

Have you ever bare-knuckle boxed a zombie? Sam B has, and you can too with his fury ability. Nothing satisfies your primal aggression instincts like beating somethings face flat with your bare fist. Am I right? At any rate, activate his fury ability and he’ll throw up his dukes, and every swing punishes anything in its path. Even at its first tier the attack has devastating consequences for would be attackers, and any lucky enough to survive will be knocked down to the ground, ripe for a head stomping. Take it down to the third and final upgrade and you’ll be knocking zombies sky-high… seriously.. One of the talents you should really get in the fury tree if you are tanking is Feel No Pain, for the obvious reason that it reduces damage when activated. Let me give you a scenario… You and your team are moving through the zombie infested city when your attacked by 8 walkers and a ram… you just got done with a battle not 30 seconds ago and your waiting for your health to replenish. This is your “I win button” activate fury and dive head long into battle all the while making the zombie attacks feel like your being hit by a tired kitten.

To wrap up Sam B, I will say he’s a team player, and is strong enough to stand on his own. He has an awesome selection of both offensive and defensive skills. Another good candidate for beginners and for solo play because of his survivability. If you want to tank, or you like raw, brutal, beatings choose Sam B and don’t look back. Below is a list of talents and skills for Sam B.

Fury Tree

Throw punches that would put Tyson to shame, if they survive your blow, they’ll be on their back.
Grim Inspiration
Every kill with blunt weapon earns more range.
Level 1: +6% rage
Level 2: +12% rage
Level 3: +18% rage
Feel No Pain
Makes you more resistant to damage with Fury activated. Adds a save your ass feature to fury, excellent tank skill.
Level 1: 10% damage
Level 2: 20% damage
Level 3: 30% damage
Sticks and Stones
Increases your chance of gaining rage when you are damaged, great skill if your tanking.
Level 1: +5% chance
Level 2: +10% chance
Level 3: +15% chance
Greater Haymaker
Fury last longer and each punch will launch zombies in air.
Smash Hit
Increases the amount of rage you gain when you hit enemies on head with blunt
Level 1: +20% rage
Level 2: +40% rage
Level 3: +60% rage
Pain Killer
Fury kills will Regenerated health.
Level 1: +3% Regeneration
Level 2: +6% Regeneration
Level 3: +9% Regeneration
Decreases the amount of rage needed to activate Fury.
Level 1: 5% rage
Level 2: 10% rage
Level 3: 15% rage
Incredible Haymaker
Longer Fury duration and every Punch sends enemies to Sky, literally. Have I ever lied to you?

Combat Skills

Heavy Hitter

Blunt weapons get more efficient and more effective with +5% damage, 10% blunt weapon
stamina cost, +1% critical hit chance and +5% damage for head trauma.
Increases blunt weapon durability.
Level 1: +10% durability
Level 2: +20% durability
Level 3: +30% durability
Lowered stamina cost when using blunt weapons.
Level 1: -10% stamina
Level 2: -20% stamina
Level 3: -30% stamina
Increases damage and force when using blunt weapons.
Level 1: +3% damage / +10% force
Level 2: +6% damage / +20% force
Level 3: +9% damage / +30% force
Lights Out
Increases the time your zombies remain knocked out.
Level 1: +2 seconds
Level 2: +4 seconds
Level 3: +6 seconds
Exploit Weakness
Increases the chance of critical hit when an zombie’s stamina is below 50%
Level 1: +2% chance
Level 2: +4% chance
Level 3: +6% chance
Level 1: Pushes zombies away
Level 2: Knock enemies to the ground.
Level 3 :- 50% stamina required to use tackle and the ability to ram through locked doors.
Blunt Expert
Increases these stats: +5% blunt weapon damage, 10% blunt weapon stamina cost, +2% blunt
weapon critical hit chance, +10% damage for head inflicted attacks and ability
to crush zombie heads.
Powerful Impact
Increases damage with modified blunt weapons.
Level 1: +2% damage
Level 2: +4% damage
Level 3: +6% damage
Big Stick
Increases overall damage with two-handed weapons.
Level 1: +2% damage
Level 2: +4% damage
Level 3: +6% damage
Hammer Blows
Increase your chance to perform an instant K.O. with blunt weapon.
Level 1: +10% chance
Level 2: +20% chance
Level 3: +30% chance
Critical Impact
Higher chance of landing a critical hit with a modified blunt weapon.
Level 1: +3% chance
Level 2: +6% chance
Level 3: +9% chance
Telling Blows
Increases critical hit chance with blunt weapons.
Level 1: +1% chance
Level 2: +2% chance
Level 3: +3% chance
Aimed Shots
Increases firearm damage
Level 1: +5% damage
Level 2: +10% damage
Level 3: +15% damage
An awesome CC (crowd control) ability and stat booster: +5% blunt damage, -10% stamina cost, +3% blunt critical hit chance. You can also use special attack to instantly K.O. zombies.

Survival Skills

Regenerates 10% of your health per minute. Why wouldn’t you take this?
Increases your chances of converting damage into a stamina boost.
Level 1: +10% chance
Level 2: +20% chance
Level 3: +30% chance
Increases chance of you attracting zombies attention. This one’s only beneficial if you plan to play with a group, and as a tank.
Level 1: +10% chance
Level 2: +20% chance
Level 3: +30% chance
Money Magnet
Increases money dropped as loot.I’ve yet to have issues with money so I would opt to skip this one.
Level 1: +10% more
Level 2: +20% more
Level 3: +30% more
Decreases the amount of melee damage received. A must have for tanks.
Level 1: 5% damage
Level 2: 10% damage
Level 3: 15% damage
Pick Lock
You can pick locks to loot boxes
Level 1: Open level 1 locks
Level 2: Open level 2 locks
Level 3: Open level 3 locks
Deeper Pockets
Carry more zombie slaying equipment. I always get this on every character.
Level 1: +2 slots
Level 2: +4 slots
Level 3: +6 slots
Regernerate even more health per minute…. A must have for the true tank, and even if your not tanking, why not get it?
Reduces bullet damage received. Kind of on the fence about this one.
Level 1: -6% damage
Level 2: -12% damage
Level 3: -18% damage
Bone Breaker
Breaking bones earns more XP. I’m not a fan of Xp boosting talents, especially since at this point you can’t respec. This means when your capped these points are essentially worthless.
Level 1: x2 XP
Level 2: x3 XP
Level 3: x4 XP
Zombies will be damaged when they knock you down.
Level 1: x1 damage
Level 2: x2 damage
Level 3: x3 damage
Custom Maintenance
Increases durability of modified weapons.
Level 1: +10% durability
Level 2: +20% durability
Level 3: +30% durability
Increases price of items you sell. Again, I haven’t had any money shortages so I would avoid this one as well.
Level 1: +10% increase
Level 2: +20% increase
Level 3: +30% increase
Last Stand
Decreases amount of damage you take when your near death. Definetly take this if your tanking.
Level 1: 20% damage
Level 2: 40% damage
Level 3: 60% damage
Regenerate 20% health per minute… What’s an energy drink?
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