Cabela’s Announces Adventure Camp: Brings The Outdoors, Indoors

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Yeah, I am pretty sure you probably read the headline correctly, and yes, even Cabela’s is using the line “..outdoors into your living room.”  That really odd statement aside, Cabela’s is prepping to drop a new self-branded game for everyone in the family to enjoy.  November 1, 2011 Cabela’s Adventure Camp will drop for Xbox (Kinect), PlayStation 3 (Move), and Wii.  (In case you haven’t guessed it this is going to be a motion based title.)  The game is expected to include fast paced, outdoor activities that send players straight to summer camp (or at least what Cabela’s envisions summer camp.)  Players will get to choose from different outdoor events like: Thrill Hill Biking, Wild River Kayaking, Full Throttle Wave Riding and many other summer camp activities.  But if that isn’t enough to keep you in doors, Adventure camp allows for what is being called, “Interactive Griefing.”  Yup, so now idle players can “grief” other players by knocking down trees and rocks creating in game obstacles that will add “hilarious shenanigans” (Cabela’s words, not mine..but definitely had to include them..) to the mix.

“We are thrilled to bring the fun and enjoyment of the outdoors to living rooms around the country as parents share the love of these traditionally outdoor activities with their kid,” said David Oxford, Executive Vice President of Activision Publishing. “We are excited to offer a family bonding experience in this motion-oriented, active participation, social gathering title!”

Featuring uniquely engineered mechanics for each individual system using innovative motion-based game play mechanics, Cabela’s Adventure Camp should be pretty interesting  on what ever system you decide to play on, be it Kinect, PlayStation Move, or Wii.  The controls are said to be fairly simple and easy to learn, even for the youngest of gamers (or your mom.)  Either way, this looks to be another interesting motion based title that may be worth at least a look.

Cabela’s Adventure Camp will be available on Xbox, PS3, and Wii on November 1, 2011 and is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.

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