Vita Tokyo Game Show Blowout – Loads of New Game Announcements

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Even those of us who remain positive about the future of the 3DS were disappointed in Nintendo’s showing at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this week. A handful of uninspiring Japanese-centric announcements failed to inspire, even with the  first confirmation of games like Mario Tennis 3D and Fire Emblem. Sony’s conference was on the other end of the scale; tons of new game announcements, many of which seem suited to more western tastes.

It seems like some of the pre-show rumors were correct, with a Zone of the Enders HD collection being confirmed for both PS3 and Vita. Also heading to both consoles is Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and a port of Final Fantasy X, my personal highlight of the series to date. If only Square Enix would confirm a Kingdom Hearts HD collection then my life would be complete and I would never have to play any new games again!

Now with added portability

Other games announced in Tokyo were Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom and Ninja Gaiden Sigma which should be well suited to gaming on the go. When you factor in that Street Fighter X Tekken has also been confirmed (and shown) on Vita, it looks like handheld gamers will certainly not be short of fighters.

Perhaps one criticism that could be leveled at Sony is that the majority of these ‘new’ titles are re-releases, and also that they are ports of games already confirmed for PS3. Some games have already been confirmed as being available in a PS3/Vita ‘double pack’, others will doubtless cause gamers who own both systems to make a choice as to which version they would prefer to own. On the plus side though the majority of these games have been confirmed to support the cloud save feature, which if your rich enough to own both copies will allow you to play through your save games both at home and on the road. Also these aren’t ports of average games, we are talking about some of the best console games over the last ten years, repackaged for gaming on your bog.

For your list-reading pleasure, here is the full list of Vita games announced at TGS, which are you most looking forward to? Please tell me it isn’t Michael Jackson: The Experience.

  1. BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend
  2. Project NOELS
  3. Browser Sangokushi Touch Battle
  4. Fish On
  5. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
  6. Dynasty Warriors Next
  7. F1 2011
  8. Army Corps of Hell
  9. Lord of Apocalypse
  10. Shinobido 2
  11. Power Smash 4
  12. Uncharted: Chizu Naki Bouken no Hajimari (Golden Abyss)
  13. Sawari Ma Kuru
  14. Minna to Issho
  15. Hot Shots Golf 6
  16. Yuusha no Kiroku
  17. Monster Radar
  18. @field
  19. Shin Kamaitachi no Yoru
  20. Dream Club Zero Portable
  21. Nico Nico
  22. Disgaea 3 Return
  23. Katamari Damacy No Vita
  24. Ridge Racer
  25. Dark Quest
  26. Michael Jackson: The Experience
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