Angry Birds Downloaded Over 350 Million Times

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Everyone’s favourite bird flinging, pig destroying game Angry Birds has been downloaded over 350 million times, according to Andrew Stalbow who is the general manager at publisher Rovio. He also claims the user play the game on mobile devices for more than 300 million collective minutes each day which is damn impressive when you think about it. One thing must be mentioned and that is that not every copy of the game has been paid for as the game is often given away free with a variety of different programs and devices.

angry birds exploding castle wallpaper 499x300

I'm a fan of Angry Birds and I tend to prefer to seasonal variations of the to the original

However, the figures for free copies of the game most likely are no match to the revenue that is generated across mobile and console platforms for the huge numbers who have no hesitation at all to pay for the privilege of demolishing the houses of green pigs with wingless birds. Rovio itself is in a very healthy position as they have been in talks to receive funding that would value their company at a massive $1.2 billion.

I’m just curious as to what game Rovio are going to make next but it looks like I might have to wait a while if the success of Angry Birds continues.


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