iPhone 5 Excitement Exceeds That Of The iPhone 4 … Really? What’s New?

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For that one person who did not know about the hype behind Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, RBC Capital Market has done some lengthy research (survey) to let you know. Basically, it’s summed up as having an “unprecedented demand” before release. Well … duh! One thing we know for sure is that most Apple products have an enormous amount of hype behind them, and rightfully so. The report quickly points out that the demand is higher for the iPhone 5 when compared to the iPhone 4. From what we remember about the iPhone 4, the hype pretty much came from the fact that the device would possibly launch on Verizon Wireless at the same time as AT&T. But perhaps the biggest reason lies in the whole Gizmodo thingy, where the stolen lost phone became the face of the internet, and the backdrop for a legal battle (not really).

So here we are again! This time it’s the possibility and likelihood that the iPhone 5 will launch on Sprint’s network. Additionally, it’s a chance that T-Mobile could carry the device as well. So why are we surprise about the hype? Oh, and there’s always the chance for a completely different design, 4G connectivity, NFC, a larger screen, and the other items we want in out magical superphone? So again, why are we surprise about this hype? Hell, if it was the iPad 3 it would be the same thing.

So I guess we’ll just go ahead and let you know what the survey says. So here goes! 31% of those surveyed stated “they were very likely or somewhat likely to purchase an iPhone 5 once it launches.” For the iPhone 4 last year, that number was 25%. Additionally, 66% of those surveyed with an iPhone 4 stated that they planned to upgrade to the iPhone 5.

Hey, maybe I’m underestimating this survey. But I just think that we all already know about the iPhone 5 hype. Don’t we? Hit up the comments and let us know! Also, for more information on these results, hit up the link below.

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