ZKG Helps You, Help Deep Silver, Help Themselves In Order To Help You With Your Dead Island Issues

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Lost yet? Good keep up because this one is more straight forward than you think.  If you recall, we recently reported on the  Dead Island PS3 1.01 Patch issues that started popping up over the weekend.  Well, yours truly, got in touch with Deep Silver and got some more insight into the current issues and what is taking place to get everyone back to head stomping us some zombies and trying not to electrocute ourselves while doing so.  (It’s because of my superior journalistic powers..they totally go all the way to 11..)

..you can whack his ass with a boat paddle until the cows come home, you just might have to do it all over again tomorrow for him to remember..

Alright, so here’s the low down according to Deep Silver:

1.)    Deep Silver is obviously aware of the issue.  (This is good news..)

2.)    Deep Silver/Techland are working on a new patch to fix the problems. (Also good news..)

3.)    Current issues relate to the autosave sync.

  •           Appears to be impacting only multiplayer.  (hmmm..we’ll get to this.)
  •           Not happening to everyone.  (I for some reason seem to be one of the lucky few.)

4.)    Patch development takes time..

Okay, so there you have it.  Autosaves are not working, most of you knew that already.  However, the trophies and challenge issue has been confirmed as well via many of your personal reports.  Knowing that not all issues may have been reported en masse to Deep Silver, their recommendation is for players to contact their tech support to report any issues they are encountering to ensure the most data while they work on updating the patch.  This is where you guys/gals come in:  If you are experiencing anything not listed above or variations, you should contact Deep Silver tech support(techsupport@deepsilver.com) and let them know as much detail about the issues you are experiencing.  Let’s help everyone get back to zombie slaying!  After all, what’s a little bloodshed between friends?

Though there is no current ETA on an updated patch, we here at ZKG feel your pain, but let’s give Deep Silver as much info to go on and see what the results bring.  Dead Island has been a blast up to this unfortunate event and is truly up to Deep Silver how they decide to handle the fans given this crippling patch issue.

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