Modern Warfare 3 Designed To Be Easier To Update Between Patches, Should Make For Better Gameplay

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If you’re one of the millions of gamers who regularly log on for a spot of warfare in the modern style, the oncoming Modern Warfare 3 is surely ticking all of your ‘eagerly awaited’ boxes. You can now add one further reason to support your lack of sleep come early November, multiplayer updates on the fly.


The game’s Creative Strategist (now there’s a job title!), Robert Bowling, has been telling Shack News all about Infinity Ward’s plans for keeping the game fresh, and it isn’t just about adding patches and new maps.

“How we’ve built the game this time as opposed to in the past is we’ve made it a lot easier on the back end to update the other aspects of the game beyond just map packs, so now as we’re advancing content and releasing new maps on multiplayer, we can also further tweak them to also be playable in Spec Ops, and then look at how we can update the game further in other ways like new modes, weapons – whatever we wanna do.”

“So we’ve done a lot of work on the back end that allows us to update more easily and quickly, and that’s helpful for DLC but it’s also helpful for post-launch support: listening to feedback.

“Maybe there’s stuff we want to rebalance. Maybe there’s stuff we wanna patch. We have a lot more control in tweaking the game now, outside of a patch, than we ever did before.”

I’m sure you knew this already, but Modern Warfare 3 will be launched across all three major gaming platforms on November 8th.

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