From Dust PSN Release Date Moved Up To September 13: Determine The Fate Of A Civilization Two Weeks Early!

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That’s right kids, Sony and Ubisoft has good news for everyone who has been holding their breath until From Dust is released via PSN for the PS3 masses to enjoy. Originally slated to drop on September 27, 2011 From Dust has been bumped up a few weeks to September 13, 2011. So, you can relax and breathe again as not only is From Dust finally coming to PSN, it’s coming early. See, isn’t that good news? Now, you most likely won’t die of suffocation. Though you may if you’re doing it for any other release titles this fall, as release dates are all over the map for some pretty high impact titles in the coming months. Bottom line is, you probably shouldn’t pretend that you are five again and hold your breath until you turn blue to get your way. It’s not healthy, trust me.

Don’t remember what From Dust is all about? (Really? What rock have you been living under..seriously..) Just to catch you up and make you slightly smarter than the eight year-old up the street here is what you need to know: From Dust puts players in control of “The Breath”, a mysterious (God like) power used by a random, primitive tribe to battle against the forces of nature. (See, Mother Nature can be an evil wench when she wants to be..) Players will use this power, and the power of their gaming knowledge, to help the tribe regain the knowledge of their ancestors. (See, knowledge of games AND knowledge of tribal ancestors ALWAYS makes you awesome..) However, regaining this knowledge won’t be an easy task for players as the world of From Dust hosts volatile natural elements, including volcano eruptions and tidal waves. (Like I said..Mother Nature is a cruel master.)

Got it? Good. September 13, 2011 and $14.99 will score you From Dust on PSN.

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