ZoKnowsGaming’s Dead Island Zombie Slayer’s Guide

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Welcome to the ZoKnowsGaming Dead Island zombie slayer’s guide, this list is chock full with all the most dangerous creatures found on Dead Island, and the tactics you need to defeat them. Being a survivalist and a gamer, this game is a match made in heaven for me. I hope that you find this guide helpful as you struggle to survive in Dead Island.


Slow, shambling undead, roaming the island of Banoi, looking for flesh to devour. Walkers are most dangerous in groups where their speed is less of a disadvantage.

How To Handle Them: These guys are nothing special and probably the most commonly encountered zombie in Dead Island. They are slow and cumbersome. Kicks are very effective against them and once they are on the ground they are easy to take out. Against large groups a fiery cocktail works wonders and will turn them to ash. Any melee weapon works just fine and I wouldn’t waste my precious ammo on these guys.


Fast, agile, and vicious, the infected attack any target they see, announcing their presence with a bone-chilling shriek. Taking them out from a distance or fighting one on one is the best strategy.

How To Handle Them: Saying these guys are fast is an understatement. If you don’t watch yourself and heed their screams you’ll find yourself quickly overwhelmed if 2 or more get on you. If you hear them scream you better get ready, don’t try and run, you’ll just die tired. If you can, put an obstruction between you and them and try to keep them at bay. An example would be jumping on top of a car and kicking them down to the ground, or getting behind a desk and using a longer weapon to give you the advantage. While taking them out at range is a good option, I still wouldn’t break out the firearms to cope with them.


His bloated, partially decomposed body produces corrosive slime capable of hurting, blinding or disorienting enemies from a distance. Floaters are harder to kill, their tissue is able to absorb a lot of punishment. A less known fact is that their “slime” is flammable, use this to your advantage.

How To Handle Them: Okay so these guys have a ranged attack, but they are very slow on the move. When alone, there not too hard to deal with but grouped with other enemies they can be a real problem. If you encounter one on his lonesome, I’ve found that I you can spam kick it to death. Just run up on him and kick the hell out of him as fast as you can hit the kick button. It might take a bit, but you’ll be safe, not take damage, and save durability on your weapons. When grouped with other enemies, it’s best to lure those other enemies to you while staying out of the range of his projectile attack, and then after you’ve slain the others, go kick his ass.


Thug Zombie
Big, badass, steroid using zombies. Sure there slow, but don’t let one hit you or you’re gonna pay.

How To Handle Them: Think of these guys as the jocks you went to school with, they’re big and stupid. The best way I’ve found to kill them without getting slammed is to outsmart them, which is easily done. Get one to follow you and put an obstruction between you and him like a desk or a gravestone. He will walk into it and keep walking straight into it trying to get to you. In my opinion blunt objects work well against these guys, as I’ve yet to be able to actually sever through their limbs with an edged weapon. At any rate, once they are walking into the obstruction use hit and run tactics smack him and then back off let him swing then go back and punish him some more.  Sometimes an obstruction isn’t available. Get out a cocktail and give him what for, usually one will do the trick, just hit him with one then keep your distance and let the fire do the work for you. I’ve tried guns on them in the past and it is not a very effective option.


Extremely tough, strong and ferocious, these undead were already made before the outbreak. Now they single-mindedly pursue any survivors in sight and try to take them out with a single ramming attack. Frontal attacks are known to be ineffective against these terrifying undead specimens.

How To Handle Them: Not a whole lot to say about these dudes, except watch your ass or you’ll quickly find yourself dead. Try not to get in their line of sight and never ever try to take one head on or you are toast. They will ram you at speed and then that’s it … game over. I try not to get in a toe to toe fight with these bruts. They are tough as nails and will rip you a new one promptly. I save my explosives for these guys because trying to melee or shoot them will end in your demise every time. If there is a vehicle around this is probably your best option, rarely are we so lucky though, so I recommend you use your deo-bombs on these guys. If you don’t have an explosive handy it’s best to avoid them, though if your rage meter is full, that’s usually enough to take one down.


Meaner, tougher versions of the infected, Butchers slice and tear with whatever is left of their limbs. Their leaping attacks and lighting quick reactions make them hard to fight with melee attacks. Attacking from a further distance helps.

How To Handle Them: Get to high ground and get out a gun, you absolutely do not want to try to duke it out with these guys. If you do try to at least get their hp down a bit before attempting it, as you know killing one with an ax will score you a trophy, but I recommend chipping a bit of their health away at range before moving in. If not, you’re going to be in for a hell of a fight.


This poor creature trapped in a disfigured, pulsing form retains a semblance of awareness even though its instincts drive it to get close to an uninfected survivor and attack with a self-destructive explosion. Fighting suiciders in a confined space or from close range is … Suicidal..

How To Handle Them: So basically these guys have a low-speed movement, and you will hear them saying something like “heeellllpp meee” well you are gonna help him alright… With an ax to the face. If you get close to one say about 6-10 feet away he will start to pulse larger, then explode. It does a lot of damage to you, and has a considerable radius. The most cost-effective way to deal with these is to throw some of your melee weapons at him. Generally I will throw a machete or two and he’ll blow up. You can use these guys to your advantage at times, if there are a lot of other zombies around him, when he detonates the explosion will blow them to bits. Another important note, is that when you are driving in your truck this thing can really make you have a bad day. DO NOT RUN ONE OVER, try to avoid these completely while driving if you can, or you will see the recovery screen right away.

Any other enemies you want added to the guide? I left out the looters because they are not technically zombies. More guides to come so stay tuned.

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