EA Won’t Charge For Battlelog Or Will They?

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It seems pretty clear to most that EA and Activision don’t exactly get along and have no other intentions than to wipe the other off the face of the planet via as much third grader, playground based name calling as possible.  That all being said, EA is furthering the fight between the two FPS giants by continuing to stick to their guns over not charging for their “Battlelog” portal, while throwing this fact directly in the face of “Call of Duty Elite Premium” whenever and as often as possible.   Sure, Call of Duty Elite can also be free, however to gain extra content a “Premium” version is going to be made available to the Call of Duty hardcore fans for a mere $49.99 a year.  (Yeah, I said annually..as in every 12 months or every 365 days..)

All that being said, the somewhat intelligent analysts at Webush Securities seem to think that EA won’t hold to their guns on this position for very long and for good reason.  In fact, analyst Michael Pachter put it this way, “Battlelog is a free service for Battlefield 3 players that will provide statistics, social networking tools, friend list management, squad setup, and platoons, all with built-in voice chat. Although Battlelog and non-premium Elite memberships are free and offer many similar features, we think that many hardcore Call of Duty gamers will opt for premium Elite, particularly if the total DLC spend for Battlefield 3 is expected to exceed $50. Ultimately, we expect Electronic Arts to emulate Activision and charge for Battlelog by including map packs with the service for a $50 fee.”

In an interview, IndustryGamers reached out to EA for comment, and was provided with the following statement: “We are providing Battlelog to Battlefield 3 players to deliver the best social, multiplayer FPS experience in the market.  We have no plans to charge for this service with Battlefield 3. The Battlefield series has always been about playing with friends, and Battlelog takes that experience to the next level by serving as a unique social network.”

I think most can agree that money is always going to be green and that EA and Activision are both in business to make money, however having the ability to provide similar content while claiming one is free over nearly $50.00 is a public relations campaign EA may be willing to hold to.  Everyone buys map backs and usually as soon as they come out as players want to keep up with their friends etc.  The concept of potentially getting that material built into a subscription service might not be actualized as most are not willing to pay for a service where there are more questions than guaranteed content.  I mean, let’s be honest most gamers are paying that much, or more, for Xbox Live Gold and PSN Plus as it is.  I’m certainly not one to drop that much money only for the potential of map packs, you best be giving me something I want and can use up front.  But..that’s just my two cents..

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