Incoming Dead Nation DLC: Road of Devastation

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How many people remember Dead Nation? Anyone?   (We’ve been over this, if you look up and your hand is in the air, no one can see’s just weird..)  Okay, fair enough, but for those of you who do and/or if you were one of the folks that took advantage of Dead Nation being one of the free games Sony was hocking after the security nightmare, then I have some awesome news for you: DLC is coming your way!  Yup, you heard me, the good people over at Housemarque got together and decided that a viral, zombie apocalypse wouldn’t be all the fun without more zombification to go around.  Granted, things are running a little zombie rich in the PS3 environment right now, but every zombie game has a place in some twisted gamer’s heart.  Trust me.

Continuing from the events where the original game left off (..uh..kinda..), players will be introduced to “Road of Devastation” that will put even the most skilled zombie slayer to the ultimate test.   Players get thrown into this world as they find their character waking up in a laboratory with only one way out.   (hmmm…puzzle game..maybe not so much..)  Outside the door players will be presented with a choice: Three different roads, each with their own unique environments, challenges and enemies (read=zombies) waiting to nip at your ankles and/or chew on your rubbery human flesh.  In addition to the range of enemies zombies and weapons from the original game, “Road of Devastation” will present players with a variety of new tools (read=weapons)  and equipment to dispose of your enemies zombies with, while introducing new enemies  zombies and obstacles along the way.

“We’ve been working hard since the launch of Dead Nation to bring exciting new content to the fans of the game,” says Housemarque CEO, Ilari Kuittinen. “Since the launch of the game, Dead Nation has been a top selling PSN title having fans all around the globe. After being included in the Welcome Pack offering, the game has reached over 3.8 millions downloads, which is simply mindboggling and unheard of for a PSN game.”

Pricing and the release date will be announced soon and we here at ZKG know you are chomping at the bit to find out the details, so stick with us and we’ll keep you up to date.   However, if you absolutely can’t wait that long, further news and details on the new “Road of Devastation” DLC can be found on the Dead Nation Facebook page

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