Take A Look At The Amazon Kindle Tablet Running Android, Possibly Launching In November For $250

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It’s pretty much official! Amazon will launch an Amazon Kindle Tablet running Google’s Android OS this year. To make it even better, reports are stating that Amazon will launch the 7-inch tablet towards the end of November for $250. That price, along with the Amazon’s marketing power, should make this tablet a big hit over the holidays.

So what will it be like? TechCrunch’s MG Siegler, had the chance to look over and use the device. Here’s a wrap-up of what he gathered (for those that want to see the mockup image, it’s near the bottom):

  • 7-Inch Tablet With A Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Backlit, Multi-Touch Full Color Screen
  • Running Android OS, but “looks nothing like the Android you’re used to seeing”
  • No Physical Buttons
  • Possible Single-Core Processor
  • Deep Integration of Amazon Services (Amazon Content Store, Kindle App, Amazon’s Cloud Player, Amazon’s Instant Video Player, Amazon’s Android Appstore)

Above the dock is the status bar (time, battery, etc) and this doubles as a notification tray. When apps have updates, or when new subscriptions are ready for you to view, they appear here. The top bar shows “YOUR NAME’s Kindle” and then the number of notifications you have in bright orange. It looks quite nice

  • Possibly 6 GB of internal storage with the focus more on “Cloud”
  • Looks a lot like the BlackBerry Playbook
  • Zero Google Apps, Including the Android Market
  • Web Browser
  • No Camera
  • WIFI Only Initially, Amazon Is Working With Carriers To Offer A 3G Variant Like the Kindle
  • Should Be Sold With A Free Subscription For Amazon Prime, A $79 Value

There were earlier reports that suggest a 10 inch tablet as well. This is true, but according to the report relies heavily on the success of the 7-inch tablet. Also, Amazon has decided to work without Google on this project. Some will like this, others won’t. In my opinion, the biggest thing here is Amazon’s selling price. $250 is well below Apple’s price for the iPad. And let’s just be honest, that’s who Amazon will have to beat.

So tell us, are you waiting on this tablet? Will Amazon have as much success with the tablet as they have had with the Kindle? Hit up the comments and let us know! Also, what do you think of the mockup?


Source [TechCrunch]

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