Call Of Duty Elite Official Fact Sheet, Screenshots, And A CONNECT Trailer

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Call of Duty® Elite



Call of Duty Elite is the game-changing new digital service for the Call of Duty® community, built expressly for our 30 million active online players around the globe. The Call of Duty Elite platform acts as an integrated social and competitive hub for all Call of Duty players to help them Play Together Better. Call of Duty Elite will be accessible via console, smartphone, tablet and web when it launches in November as an integral component of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3, (also backwards compatible with Call of Duty®: Black Ops) and is poised to take the multiplayer gaming experience to the next level.


  • CONNECT: A true, franchise-exclusive social gaming platform, Call of Duty Elite gives players unprecedented control and flexibility over their multiplayer experience. Members can join and create Groups based on their hometown, gameplay style or favorite sports team, and then discover players who share that same Group in-game, encouraging Call of Duty MW3 gamers to play and compete with others of similar interests or affinities. Elite users can also create and manage a private Clan, as the platform enables players the ability to track their Clan mates from virtually anywhere, including in-game.  The Connect features also include the Elite Theater service, which allows players to upload and share HD video directly from the game.
  • COMPETE: Multiplayer competition forms the core of the Call of Duty Elite feature set. The service hosts community-wide events and Operations for players of all skill levels. Casual and hardcore Call of Duty fans alike can battle for bragging rights, trophies and real-world prizes like iPads, LCD TVs, even a custom Call of Duty Jeep!  Multiplayer competition and exclusive event programming will be available and managed by a live service team 24/7, year-round. Elite is built from the ground up to thrill the multiplayer combat seeker.
  • IMPROVE: Call of Duty Elite is a stat-freak’s dream, dynamically tracking a vast array of performance statistics at the individual, friend/clan network and community-wide levels.  Players can enlist this comprehensive, always-on cache of data to improve their gameplay, target and outmatch the accomplishments of friends or put their skills to the test in numerous Elite Operations and events. Players will also have access to exclusive expert video strategies and detailed map and weapon breakdowns to help hone their Call of Duty skills even further. And, after studying these expert advice and strategies, players can configure and sync customized load-outs via the web or Elite apps for iPhone, iPad and Android directly to MW3, and changes will be ready in-game the moment they boot up their console.

Free and Premium Call of Duty Elite Membership Features

Free: At launch, Call of Duty Elite will offer the most feature-rich gaming service on the planet. The free tier includes:

Performance tracking, custom leaderboards, support for Clans and the ability to create custom Groups within the service, enabling users to identify and play with like-minded players. All Elite users may also browse the Call of Duty Theater for high-definition programming, or upload their own media to Elite.  Players can also access detailed strategy guides to help shape their game.  In addition, the free component allows for custom class creation via a range of mobile apps for smartphones and tablet, and the opportunity to meet and invite Facebook and Elite friends to battle in-game.

Premium: Call of Duty Elite membership is an unbeatable value, amplifying the Call of Duty experience like no other service to date. Incorporating all the benefits of the free tier, the premium membership also includes:

Modern Warfare 3 DLC, including all the MW3 map packs, with twenty pieces of new content that will be made available to Elite premium members on a monthly basis during the 9-month DLC season (Map Packs still remain available a la carte).  With the premium membership, you will get tons of new content, and get MW3 DLC first and it’s yours to keep.  New features include the ability to level up a Clan with competitions and Clan Operations available exclusively to premium members.  In addition, premium members can also compete for real-world prizing daily (including iPads, LCD TVs, Jeeps, etc.) via an expanded list of Operations, official leagues and events, only available to premium users. The highly-anticipated Call of Duty Elite TV will deliver premium episodic video content and exclusive entertainment crafted by top Hollywood talent (Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Executive producers Ridley and Tony Scott) for premium users, while members can also upload more and have 8x HD video capacity than free users.

Publisher: Activision Publishing, Inc.
Developer: Beachhead Studio
Release Date: November 8, 2011
Suggested Retail Price: Free base service, $49.99 annual membership for premium members
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