Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 For PC Goes Steam For Launch

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As if anyone is really surprised, I know I’m not, Valve let the cat out of the bag that Activision’s shiny new Call of Duty game will be dropping via Steam and will use the Steamworks suite of services.  That being said, that means that all 30 million or so current Steam users can rush to their account and pre-purchase MW3 now.  That’s right I said now!  I’ll give you a few moments to regain your breathing and go do that before I continue..

"..what?..yeah I know..I'm downloading now..geeze.."

Are you back? Good.  So what does this mean?  Well, it means that you get all the awesome perks of Steam and Steamworks if you own a PC.  (Sorry console folks, this one ain’t for you..)  Though everyone will get access on the November 8 release, if you pre-purchase with Steam you will be able to play immediately at 12:01am on release day.  But, most of you who use and love Steam already knew that, so who am I telling that to?  (No one..)  Steamworks will power both the digital and physical media forms of the game and as always will support offline play and support: Auto-Updating, Achievements, and all that good stuff.

So go forth PC gamers, and pre-purchase so you can be the “first” to play on drop day.

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