RAGE Is Gonna Be Freaking Huge: 8GB Mandatory Install Awaits PS3 Owners

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You may recall that we’ve talked a lot about huge PS3 games and/or up and coming huge PS3 games in terms of Blu-ray disk consumption.  Well, id software, not to be outdone by anyone apparently, has announced that RAGE will require a massive 8GB install.  Yup, that’s not an option 8GB, that’s mandatory.

..see that is one sexy monster..too bad you have to kill it..

Tim Willits, of id Software fame, let this gem fall during a recent interview with PS Focus, which can be found here. (By the way, PS Focus is Dutch..yeah I’m serious..let Google translate for you..)  A bit of it is certainly left to interpretation, however most of us seem to agree that Tim wasn’t just playing fast and loose.  Bottom line is that RAGE is probably going to be one sexy game graphically and that comes at a price.  A price most of us will pay with a smile on our faces.  Id Software, it’s on you now.

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