EA Looks To The Future And Growing New IPs, At Least Two A Year Going Forward

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In a recent interview with CVG, EA Labels’ President Frank Gibeau had a few things to say about the direction of EA and their intellectual property (IP). In fact he had a great deal to say about it, as mentioned in a previous article, as they are revisiting past IP for ideas as well. “EA always has new IPs in development” and is targeting one to two a year going forward,” Gibeau said.


More or less that was some of the reasoning that the company decided to invest in new titles back in 2008, releasing the fairly well received Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space titles. “We’re always going to be in the new IP business,” he said. “It’s entertainment, we have to stay fresh and we’ve got to change with the times and stay ahead of the curve in terms of what people are anticipating and want.”

In my honest opinion, EA can continue to swing for the fences as a lot of their original IPs have been well received over the years. Even to say that their old IP going into a reboot mode is more than welcome as there are a lot of titles in the EA vault that could have plenty of new life introduced given the technology advancements since original releases. To this end, it looks like EA will be pulling plenty of new, and old, tricks out of their sleeves for the masses to enjoy.

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