Driver: San Francisco Goes Digital At Release For PSN (Xbox Left Waiting On A Ride)

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Can’t be bothered to drive to your local game provider on release day for Driver: San Francisco?  Well, Ubisoft has got you covered, hell you don’t even need to order the damn thing and be bothered with having to remove all that plastic.  Nope, you can just log on to PSN, push a few buttons and watch your credit card bill go up a tad for the month of September.  That’s right, you heard me: Driver: SF is going to be available on or near launch.

So, you’re probably all like, “Dude, did you know that?” Well, we can read and on occasion we also listen when people talk.  (It’s a hard skill, but stay with’s worth the trip.)  Ubisoft’s Gareth Edmonson dropped this tidbit back during a panel at GamesCom.  Basically, Edmonson said it would be dropping “in a few weeks” which, let’s see.  Carry the two.  Yup, that’s probably right on time for the September 6, 2011 retail drop, but if not it’s probably close behind.

Only question left is if it will go to Xbox in this new and awesome digital form, or if Microsoft fan boys will have to suck it up and actually DRIVE (get’s like punny or something..) to get it on day one.

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