2K Sports And Charles Barkley Were Unable To Reach A Deal For NBA 2K12: NBA’s Greatest Mode … Maybe Next Year

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Previously we thought that Charles Barkley and a few others were snubbed from NBA 2K12 “NBA’s Greatest Mode”. However, today we now see where 2K Sports tried to include Charles Barkley in the mode, but were unable to come to terms with the superstar.

According to a spokesperson for 2K Sports,

There’s no doubt in our minds that Charles is and should always be a key part of the conversation as it relates to who are the NBA’s Greatest players of all time. We have a very positive relationship with Sir Charles and while we were unable to include him in-game this year for a variety of reasons, we share everyone’s hope that he may one day appear in our game.”

Many would speculate financial terms as the reason for this deal not going through. Honestly, at this point no one knows. However, it is good to know that 2K Sports has given an optimistic statement on the matter. Hopefully, Barkley has the same view on it as well, and make next years’ title. Come to think about it, we may hear about it this upcoming basketball season on one of TNT’s NBA Broadcast. Just imagine how Kenny and Ernie could possibly torture Sir Charles about it.

All in all, we’ll miss Barkley this year, but we’ll still enjoy the mode. What about you?


Via [Kotaku]

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