EA And Activision Trade Words Over FPS Market Share: Petty School Yard Pranks To Continue

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Just when you thought you might be able to say that the gaming industry truly is a professional world, where real business takes place, you see an event like the latest back and forth between EA and Activision.  At GamesCom both EA and Activision were present with their large fall FPS releases and were armed for bare that it was simply too much for either side to not take a few middle school leveled pot shots at one another.  (Really kids, can’t we just all get along?)  The playground antics started out with EA CEO John Riccitiello mentioning in an interview that he would like nothing more than to see Activision’s top shooter, “rot from the core.”  Not taking a fancy to this terminology Activision Publishing head Eric Hirshberg defended MW3’s honor by stating that, “EA’s verbal attacks are ‘bad for the industry.’”

Not wanting to be the “better man” EA was quick to return fire via EA Corporate Communications’ professional sharpshooter Jeff Brown, who laid it out for Hirshberg, “Welcome to the big leagues Eric, I know you’re new in the job but someone should have told you this is a competitive industry.”  To follow will most likely be weeks of  what I imagine looks nothing unlike that of two 12 year-old boys slapping at one another spitting snarky comments until someone falls down and cries, running home to their mother for a glass of warm milk and self-pity.  (nuh-uh..uh-huh..nuh-uh…shut up..no you shut up..yeah…)

According to those whom have spoken to both parties, there seems to be some agreement that Activision thinks there is room for both shooters at the table, and I may be willing to accept that as they have different play styles and audiences, though I disagree that either side is coming out of this stupidity looking better than the other.  Per the typical COD vs Battlefield fanboy/girl angst, practically everyone in the industry is taking sides, but I’m not everyone in the industry, so I have this to say: Get over it, shake hands, and let the best man..er..game win.  The numbers will speak for themselves and until that time..can’t we just all get along and shoot some people we don’t know in peace?

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