T-Mobile Gets Prepared For Hurricane Irene, And Gives Tips For Customers

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As Hurricane Irene continues to make her way up the eastern coast, the potential for a wireless meltdown increases. With that as a possibility, T-Mobile has already started prepping themselves for this, and they are also advising their customers on what to do. Here is what T-Mobile states on their blog, “Our first concern is for our customers. That means that through all situations we will do our best to quickly resolve any outages. We have established a number of local Command Centers up and down the coast where our teams of engineers will rapidly move to fix any outages in service.”

Check out some of what T-Mobile is doing throughout the Carolinas, Greater Tri-State Area and New England:

  • Portable and backup generators, staged and topped off with fuel;
  • Repair and transport vehicles ready to go;
  • Battery backup at all of our critical sites;
  • Microwave radio equipment in case land lines serving our cell sites fail;
  • Engineers on call in neighboring areas to the storm’s path; and
  • Cells-On-Wheels (COWs) pre-staged to move in and provide additional wireless capacity in hard-hit areas.

Additionally, here are the tips for T-Mobile customers:

  • Use text messaging to communicate instead of voice calls. Text messaging has a greater success rate in getting through the network during high-usage periods.
  • Keep your calls short in duration.
  • Utilize Wi-Fi calling if your device has the feature. This feature takes advantage of your in-home data connection to place calls in case the cellular network is congested or down.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged prior to the storm. Consider obtaining a vehicle charger in the event of power loss.

For more information on what T-Mobile is doing and what you can do, visit T-Mobile’s official blog page.

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