Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Coming Summer 2012, Drops Vid For All To Enjoy [TRAILER]

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SEGA has decided to breathe life back into the Virtua Fighter series and have announced Virtua Figther 5 Final Showdown as the next (and final? Hmmmm..) outing.  Expected to drop late summer 2012, Viruta Fighter 5 will be released for XBLA and PSN sporting massive franchise updates.  “Virtua Fighter 5 has always been an authentic arcade fighter, even when played from the comfort of a home console.  And, like any proper arcade dynasty, we have continued to support, expand and tweak the game in the years since its release,” said Haruki Satomi, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA of America.  “With Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, we get to bring the ultimate expression of competitive one-on-one gaming to console players in one perfect package.”

Boasted as a complete overhaul of the arcade favorite Virtua Firghter 5’s mechanics, balance and animations, new game modes, new fighting arenas, customizable character items, and a host of new characters added to the fighting roster.  Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown contains the definitive version of Virtua Fighter 5, refined over the years since its original arcade debut.   However, the new release also adds an extensive list of features never before seen on consoles.  Here’s the run down:

The Perfect Fighting Experience: Virtua Fighter 5’s signature style of hand-to-hand combat, with revised mechanics, balance, timing and more, along with simplified controls for new players while retaining the depth that veterans demand.

Dynamic and Interactive Arenas: Fighting areas in new shapes and sizes, including arenas with fences and walls that are different for every round – take unexpected advantage of fighters’ new wall-based moves, or break through the fences with special attacks.

A Mode for Every Fight: Dominate the leaderboards withVirtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown’s extremely responsive one-on-one online battle system, widely praised for having little latency, or take on an army of opponents yourself in a new single-player mode.

Customized Combatants: Enter the ring with one of 19 playable characters, including fan favorite Taka-Arashi fromVirtua Fighter 3 and an all-new character, Jean Kujo, and customize them with unique costume and character items.

And of course here’s the trailer for you to drool over a bit:

If you loved it in the arcade,  you’ll probably love it in its new form on console just as much.  So get your thumbs warmed up and keep an eye out next summer for the release.  As always, we here at ZKG will keep you up to speed on any developments as we find out more.

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