Swype Beta Gets Updated To Version 3.25, Adds New Gestures, Swype Connect, And A Personal Managed Dictionary

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For those lucky member of the Swype Beta program, your version of Swype is about to be updated with some bug fixes and new features. Now of course if you are in the Beta program, you have already received an email about the update and the instructions for updating. If not, we’ll have those instructions for you below.

In this update, users can expect the following additions and enhancements:

Swype Gestures – “Gives you quick access to some of the most common tasks on your phone, such as editing (cut/copy/paste/select), tweeting and maps (highlight text and send it straight to Twitter/Google Maps/Facebook).

Personal Dictionary Management – Lets you manage the words that you add to your Swype dictionary directly through the settings menu

Swype Connect – Swype Connect allows us to verify the license of each version of Swype without using a separate installer, and lets us gather important statistics about how our users interact with Swype so we can continue to improve its accuracy. Swype Connect will bring increased license stability, improved accuracy, and opens the door for some amazing new features in the future. Please read this important message about Swype Connect, statistics collection, and privacy.

Also, check out the video below of one of the new features. For more information on this release and to download the Swype beta, visit beta.swype.com and Swype Beta Forums. Instructions after the video.

How do I update?

You have two options for updating…

1. If you have SwypeInstaller on your device, just uninstall any previous version of Swype BETA then launch the SwypeInstaller. It will update itself and guide you through getting the newest version of Swype. Make sure you choose one of the PRE-RELEASE downloads to get this new version!

2. If you DON’T have SwypeInstaller on your device, download the new Swype Installer & Beta here. (By downloading the Swype Installer you agree to Swype’s Terms and Conditions.) Make sure you uninstall any previous versions of Swype first!

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