Star Wars: The Old Republic Will Limit Copies At Launch In Favor Of Positive Experience

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Sure, companies are often concerned about having enough physical copies of a game on hand for retailers in order to make sure they make a bunch of money at launch without alienating their consumers.  However, EA and BioWare apparently let the cat out of the bag this past week at GamesCom that they are currently planning on limiting the amount of physical and digital copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic at launch in favor of being able to control the ramp up of players entering the Star Wars universe.  According to the representative speaking at the GamesCom demo, “EA and BioWare made the choice to limit the number of copies of the game available for purchase in order to assure a smooth launch.”

So, why do you care?  Well there are a few reasons this is important.  It’s not exactly an industry secret that popular MMOs can suffer from long wait times and server issues for a short period of time because of the stress put on servers of everyone logging on to check out their new, expansive MMO universe.   EA and BioWare basically came out to say it would rather make the experience as seamless as possible and ensure that the quality of the experience for players is the best it possibly can be.  That said, no one has come out with the exact number of copies that will be initially sold before EA and BioWare shut down the digital purchases to temper the start up, neither do they know once the initial push is made when purchasing will go live again.  But, what ZKG DOES you should probably pre-order this title as soon as you can.

Star Wars: The Old Republic still has no official release date, but there are rumors that EA seems to be targeting a wider beta sometime in the coming months (Hopefully this fall..).

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