Official DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION Clothing Line Announced: Augment Your Reality

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Thanks to Musterbrand, LLC your dreams of a Deus Ex clothing line are finally coming true.  (What? I’m the only one that wanted official branded Deus Ex inspired clothing? Really??)  Anyway, you can get your hands on this awesome gear starting August 23, 2011.  (That’s tomorrow!!)  According to all involved this new line of officially licensed Deus Ex: Human Revolution gear will allow fans to, “become” Adam Jensen.

If you are just catching up, that means everything from Adam’s signature outfit to additional Deus Ex branded accessories will be available for purchase.  According to Knut Jochen Bergel, CEO of Musterbrand, “musterbrand’s clothing lines are designed by top stylists, woven from the highest quality material, and cut so sharply they should come with a warning. DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION is already drawing praise (check out our Deus Ex: Human Revolution review) for its unique design and playability – we’re aiming to replicate the game’s popularity with our clothing line too.”

As stated all of this Deus Ex goodness will be available in North America and Europe at as early as tomorrow.  (August 23, 2011.)  The Deus Ex: Human Revolution range of clothing has been designed in partnership with game developer Eidos-Montreal, ensuring the closest real-world version of the virtual items as possible.  To this end, the obvious fan favorite is Adam Jensen’s coat.  This slick trench, adorned with signature vented holes, and structured sleeves, is inspired by the cyber-renaissance art direction.

And yes, ZKG has screens, check them out:

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