Electronic Arts May Be Considering A Trip Back To The Future

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Okay, so not really. (In terms of busting out a movie themed game series based on the movie of same name…) Though EA, has been rumored to be going back through their vaults to see what they could breathe some new life into. EA Labels president Frank Gibeau had this to say recently, “We’ve got 25 years of good IPs (Intellectual Property) and I’ve worked on a few of them in my career like Road Rash and the Strike series. So I have a strong affinity for a lot of the things we’ve done in the past.”

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that got a little excited after hearing that. In fact, Gibeau even suggested we might see a few of the larger name titles make their way into development in the coming months. With technology advancements and a larger video game player base, it seems to make sense that EA might attempt to bring back some oldies but goodies. Gibeau went on to explain, “We kind of have a rule which is you’ve got to have a really good reason to bring something back – What can you do to it that makes it fresh and brings something new to the equation of the franchise?”

Makes sense right? (Just nod your head here..it’s a good thing..trust me..) Though nothing official is on the table, it’s awesome to know that EA is rooting around in the vault to see what could be new and shiny again. Fingers crossed, but the best rumor to date is a resurrection of “Syndicate.

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