Borderlands 2 Beefs Up The Split-Screen Action: Takes It To The Interwebs

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Did you love Borderlands? (Of course you did…) Did you love split-screening with your friends?  (..Duh..)  Well, Gearbox has some good news for you and your split-screening buddies: Borderlands 2 will now allow you to take your split-screen adventures to the interwebs for some online co-op action.  That’s right kiddies, now  you can load up your split-screen at home and reach out and kick the ass of people you don’t know with a spilt-screen pal at your side.  (I’m tearing up a bit..its so sentimental..)  To make the deal even better, Gearbox also informs us that they have reworked the spilt-screen user interface so that players can easily manage their upgrades menu with ease.

So, if you are still trying to count how many players that is for online play, it’s four.  See, wasn’t that simple.  (Your split-screen plus two other players.)  According to Steve Gibson, of Gearbox fame, “The only situation you can not do is split-screen plus split-screen because you need a host,” Gibson said. “And a split-screen guy uses a lot of CPU, so he can not be the host.”  So, in other words, you can’t play two split-screens with/against one another.  (Sounds like a bummer, but still getting one spilt-screen in there is pretty awesome.)

Borderlands 2 keeps updating with all kind of awesome news and ZKG is on top of it, so stick with us to see what else is in store.

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