Dead Island’s Zombies Swarm PlayStation Home!

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We told you before that zombies were coming to PlayStation Home, now they’re here and they’re pissed! I couldn’t wait to meet them.The Dead Island events are definitely worth checking out, from the photo shoot to hacking and slashing away at undead hordes there’s something for everyone, even a trivia game for the casual gamer. In addition to all the fun you’ll have, there are rewards for both PlayStation Home, and something very special for use in the upcoming Dead Island. All events are located in one convenient location, Central Plaza.

Trivia Game:

This is a short 10 question zombie trivia game, I played it two or three times and received a couple of different questions each time I played it. After you’ve completed it you will receive a in-game t-shirt for your Home avatar, declaring you as either a certified zombie hunter (like myself) or declaring you as having an undead-defeating deficiency (I’d keep that shirt tucked away in my wardrobe if I were you).

Photo Shoot:

The photo shoot is much more elaborate than I first expected. You can reposition the zombies as well as your self in a variety of poses, change color tones, remove and add limbs to the zombies, add a small variety of frames, and change the camera’s height, angle, and area of focus.

Zombie Survivor Game:

We saved the best for last. This is by far one of the coolest and most adult oriented events I have ever encountered in PlayStation Home. Prepare to hack and blast your way through undead hordes right in Central Plaza, using an array of weapons from the oh so familiar 12 gauge pump, to some of the more interesting weapons like an electric machete. Weapons and health packs can be crafted by scavenging around Home and then taking those items back to the tiki bar. As I wandered around the plaza in search of these items I was looking for actual nails or sticks lying around, however the pickups look like backpacks and will give you a text description of what’s inside as you approach it.

How’s the gameplay? Not bad actually considering the game is built inside the constraints of Home. I had a lot of fun chopping away at a few zombies arms and was really surprised when I got a button prompt, and even more surprised when I kicked the zombies head clean off his rotting shoulders! If you like PlayStation Home, or even if you don’t, this is definitely worth checking out. Hell it’s free, so why not? Below we’ve compiled a list of the rewards you can get from the ten challenges presented in the Zombie Survival game.

One Man Army – Survive all three waves of zombies in single player.
Iron Will – Survive an entire wave in multiplayer without being downed.
Nobody Left Behind – Survive an entire wave in multiplayer with all four players.

Reward for completing challenges 1-3: Dead Island deck chair furniture item.

“A” for Style – Kill zombies using every available finishing move in single or multiplayer.
You Got Red on You – Stack up 100 kills in single or multiplayer.
They Belong to Me Now – Cut off 200 limbs in single or multiplayer.

Reward for completing challenges 4-6: Dead Island suitcase furniture item.

Handyman – Craft 10 different weapons.
Here, Have Some Random Stuff – Craft and donate 10 items to the community.
Smorgasbord of Stuff – Craft and donate every type of item to the community.

Reward for completing challenges 7-9: Dead Island electrical machete furniture item.

Completionist – Complete all nine challenges.

Reward for completing challenge 10: Exploding meat weapon for use in Dead Island

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out! If you see me in Central Plaza be sure and say hello, I don’t bite. Alright.. maybe a little..

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