Graffiti Tag Like It’s Going Out Of Style And All From The Comfort Of Your La-Z-Boy

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As mentioned in previous articles today, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has been pretty busy on the content front this fall and GamesCom has been their stage to show off what they have coming down the pipe.  The cross section of titles and game play are anything from puzzle platformers, adventure platformers, to FPS titles.  The most unique out of this bunch however has to be Sideway: New York.  Getting to take on the world as a tag artist (graffiti artist for those of you not schooled in “street”..yo.) Sideway platforms it up, but provides a completely unique experience for players.

Players will get to play as “Nox”, a graffiti artist sucked into a twisted graffiti world.  (Not really sure what mind altering drugs may be required in order to fully appreciate said “twisted world,” but needlessly put this ain’t the New York we know today..wait..maybe it is..)  Players will navigate through a 2D  like platformer setting, though it is set in a 3D world. (Did your head just hurt there for a second?  It should have, I’m still a little confused..but in a good way.)  Using window ledges, drain pipes and graffiti tags, players will guide Nox around corners and onto roofs through the gritty streets and diverse neighborhoods of New York City on an epic quest to defeat the primary nemesis “Spray.”  (After all, what would a platformer be without a main nemesis that has a complete cliché of a name..)  Oh and while Nox is at it he’ll need rescue his friends and ultimately escape back to the real world.  (No biggie..get right on that..)

Sideway: New York will launch on the PSN October 11 for $9.99.

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