UFC Undisputed 3 New Combat System Trailer, Screenshots & Overview – Finishing Your Opponent Gets Much Better

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THQ has delivered a brand new trailer showcasing the new combat system for UFC Undisputed 3. This time around fighters will have more ways to finish opponents using “advanced striking, punishing new moves, a revamped submission system, and new fight mechanics.” Additionally, we’ve added a few screenshots and an overview of the new combat system. So head on down and check them out and let us know what you think!


Combat Overview


The striking system in UFC Undisputed 3 has been improved to include a new Natural Combo System, improvements to Quick Strikes versus Strong Strikes and the ability to finish fights via Leg Kick.  The Natural Combo System allows players to experiment and freely create their own combos, where the type of strikes chained together dictates the speed and damage of each follow-up attack.  In addition, the Jab is more effective, as Quick Strikes now have the ability to interrupt an opponent’s Strong Strike.  Combined with the ability to finish opponents via TKO due to leg damage, players will have more ways than ever to finish their opponents.


UFC Undisputed 3 encourages players to finish the fight with punishing new moves.  Striking the opponent while he is crumpling and falling to the mat will result in free hits for more damage.  In addition, after knocking out an opponent, the player still has the ability to continue pursuing and striking the downed opponent until the referee physically ends the fight.


The UFC Undisputed 3 submission system has been revamped to offer a new graphic-based system that helps indicate not only who is winning or losing in a submission but also why the player has won or lost the submission.  Fighters can now go into new submissions during an opponent’s transition or takedown.  In addition, a wide variety of submissions have been added this year, including Standing Guillotines and Rear Naked Chokes, Flying Heel Hooks, Mounted Gogoplatas and brand new Cage Submissions, such as the Kick Off the Cage Armbar and Triangle Choke.


A variety of gameplay options have been added to UFC Undisputed 3 for deep fighting gameplay.  Complex Feints allow players to mislead their opponents and score bigger hits.  While on his back, the player has additional options in the form of ground sways, allowing him to avoid incoming strikes and potentially survive a barrage of attacks from an opponent. In addition, players can now use the cage to their advantage by entering new ground cage positions, which will allow them to set up submissions off their backs or escape to a better position.

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