Nintendo 3DS Price Drops And The Units Fly Off The Shelves (Are We Really Surprised?)

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According to sources at Nintendo, nearly 214, 821 units were sold between August 8 and 14, which now ranks as the second highest week since the unit launched back in February.  (The highest week for volume was 371, 326.)  So what does this all mean?  Well, it means that when Nintendo announced the price cut from $249.99 to $169.99 a lot of people jumped off the fence and ran to their local game store and dropped some hard-earned bones to fill their handheld needs.  At least that is what Nintendo hopes people are seeing and/or doing.  Though it seems pretty clear this is a grab at market share prior to the Sony Vita launch, the only thing that is certain is: 1.) If you drop the price of something by just under $100 you gain some attention and 2.) Selling 214,821 units  makes good tech news.

The Nintendo vs. Sony showdown is still shaping up and ZKG will keep you up to date on all things handheld until the glorious battle takes place later this year.

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Christopher Poirier
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