PlayStation Vita Out In Japan By End Of 2011, Oh Yeah And It Will Have Social Apps

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Sony Computer Entertainment has just announced that it will introduce dedicated applications for Facebook, foursquare, Skype and Twitter to PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) which will launch in Japan by the end of 2011, followed by the U.S. and Europe early next year.  I may have to import this bad boy. The news release was actually about the social stuff but the fact that Vita will be out this year in Japan is the real news to me.

The applications will be downloadable to PS Vita directly from PlayStation Store at no charge.  Users will be able to activate the application just by selecting the icon which will appear on the PS Vita home screen and enjoy easy navigation using the touch screen.  Service profiles of each service are as follows:

Facebook – Facebook is a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers.

Foursquare – foursquare is a location-based service that helps users explore the world around them. Using PS Vita, users can “check in” at the locations they visit to meet up with friends, and share information about places.

Skype – Skype is software which enables people to communicate with others around the world using Internet-connected devices. Users of PS Vita will be able to use Skype to make free calls to others on Skype, as well as low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles virtually anywhere in the world.

Twitter – Twitter instantly connects people everywhere to what’s most meaningful to them. At the heart of Twitter are short messages called Tweets, which are 140 characters or less in length.

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