Deus Ex: Human Revolution Devs Recommend PC Version (..Duh)

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So, this should come as no surprise to anyone out there, but the PC Devs for Deus Ex: Human Revolution think you really should play their version of the game for the “best experience.”  Jurjen Katsman, founder of Nixxes Software has this for Deus Ex Fans, “We are obviously a little biased, but for us here at Nixxes, the PC version really is the version you should play. The extra depth you get from 3D or EyeFinity, and the extra crispness of the enhanced resolution, effects, and frame-rate, really give you superior visuals.”  No, really?

Well, Jurjen and Nixxes Software didn’t end their self-awesomeness party there commenting on their latest DirectX11 (DX11) developments, (that’s a big word, which basically means tiling of a plane that is a pattern of plane figures that fills the plane with no overlaps and no gaps…still confused? Don’t lose much sleep over it, it just makes it more me.), improved screen space ambient occlusion (..uh..yeah..let’s just roll with it okay?..), improved blurs and depth of field graphics.

Ultimately, Jurjen had this to offer fans, “The speed and accuracy that you get from playing with mouse and keyboard compared with a gamepad, at least for me personally, makes it a pretty easy choice.”  Though plenty of gamers agree with this description, there are a new crowd of console players that feel just the opposite.  Having been a PC gamer for quite a while and a console gamer, I tend to lean towards certain platforms for certain games.  For some games it is better that one have a billion buttons you can bind shortcuts to, while other games I like the freedom and simplicity of a controller.  That being said, we’ll have to wait for launch to know for sure what side folks come down on with Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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