God of War: Origins Collection PSP vs PS3 Comparison Video

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Besides the ICO and Shadow of Colossus Collection and Resistance 3, Sony has set up this September to be a pretty big release month. How? By finally releasing their God of War: Origins Collection.  (They are also dropping some additional hardware/peripherals for you to enjoy.)  This is all well and good, but God of War: Origins will be released in multiple Sony flavors.  (e.g., PSP and PS3.)

That being said, we all have seen some rough comparisons between the PS2 ports and the PS3 high def re-mastering, but have seen little of the PSP.  Well, good news kids, ZKG has your hook up (per the usual).  So take a lookie below and tell us what you think.  PSP fans, have no worries as this looks pretty promising.

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