EA Files For Alpha Centauri Trademark: Sid Meier Making A Space Based Comeback?

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In an interesting find, it has been revealed that Electronic Arts (EA) has recent re-applied for its trade marks on the name, “Alpha Centauri.”  So, a few of you most likely got really confused and/or had a weird flashback to the times of the 20th century and early PC gaming.  (Those of you who are confused, hang with me a minute, we’ll get your history lesson in.)  The year was 1999 and Sid Meier was well on his way to providing some of the most intense, addicting, and micromanaged civilization/strategy games known the world over.  However, Sid had a vision like most and wanted to take this experience some place out of this world: Alpha Centauri.

..graphics and AI have come a long way since 1999..this could be interesting..

Like most of Sid’s work, Alpha Centauri was a turn-based strategy game that landed you on a far off planet and basically throws you directly into your now standard terra forming type situation.  (Make the planet habitable, or die in anguish in outer space..hours of fun..trust me.)  Given that the latest outings by Sid have been fairly supported by both the PC market (Civ 5) and console market (Civ Revolution) it comes as no surprise that EA would attempt to resurrect Alpha Centauri and reignite the dream of starting a new world..on a new world.

Be on the lookout, as this could be the beginning of something good.

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