Battlefield 3 For PC Will Limit You To One Profile: Multiple Personality Disorder No Longer An Option

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Sure, PC gamers have enjoyed the freedom of their lack of consoles for some time now and even more specifically have enjoyed the ability to have a trillion profiles that they jump between in utter confusion and enjoyment.  Well, hate to break it to you, but it appears that DICE (..and any company pushing us towards “online pass” type systems…) have found a way to make your character Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and pin it to the wall: EA Origin.  That’s right folks, in a rather cryptic tweet yesterday, DICE’s Daniel Mastros stated, “your (player) name is linked to your Origin persona.”  (Don’t believe me, fine: See for yourself.)

So, why do you care?  Good question: On Friday we let everyone know that Battlefield 3 will require Origin.  (Not that we’re really surprised by this type of thing anymore.)  However, it is clear that the days of creating multiple profiles in order to level different types of players is now massively restricted in the PC space.  (You know, like it’s been since just about day one on consoles.)  Though I feel the pain of my PC brothers/sisters ( I too have lived in that world..) The restriction seems to be “the new order of things” for PC and does not show much chance of going anyway any time soon.  Bummer..

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