Dark Souls Delayed By A Week: Shadow Cast Over From Software Releases

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We just recently reported on another From Software title that has slipped in their release schedule, Armored Core V, so hearing that another title is slipping is of at least some concern.  Though Armored Core V was delayed due to results from their recent closed beta in order to address issues identified during that time, there has been no reason provided for the Dark Souls delay.  The only comment that From Software was willing to make was that this current delay on Dark Souls was due to, “various circumstances.”

Though originally scheduled for its Japan release on September 15, 2011,  now the game is on target for September 22, 2011.  North America and Europe remain on target for their October 4 and 7 releases respectfully.  Time will tell if this delay will extend and impact these release dates as well.

As always, ZKG will keep you up to date on the latest as we learn more.

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