GTA IV Modification Has Liberty City Under Zombie Attack

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Guess I’m not surprised that this happened, though not at the hands of Rockstar Games themselves, but rather via their rather large modder community.  A while back Rockstar unleashed the “ICEnhancer” modification tools for GTA IV and modders the world over have taken to the tools and started dumping loads of crazy modifications all over the net.  (Seriously, go Google it some time, it’s a little scary.)  So, obviously one of the many mods available is a Zombie mod, allowing Nico to run for his pathetic little life all over the city while attempting not to have his brains sucked through his ears or worse. ( could be worse, they’re zombies..)

Created by some random coder only known as “HippieCommunist” (sounds like someone who might hate zombies..or Russian immigrants..), the concept feels a lot like the Rockstar official zombie release for Red Dead Redemption.  Pedestrians and citizens of Liberty City, you know the one’s you aim your car at while driving, have developed a rather zombie like shuffle and a dire need for your flesh.  Though our good modder “HippieCommunist” didn’t stop there, in fact he went all in and altered the weather effects, a heavily damaged city, burning cars, etc.

So, what else is to be said? (..there isn’t..) Check it out in action below:

Though just about everything has zombies in it these days, I have to admit, this looks pretty interesting and worth a few hours of random zombie carnage: GTA style.

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