Amazon: Battlefield 3 Pre-Orders Are Up 2,000% Against Battlefield 2 Numbers In The UK

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Amazon UK announced this morning that their current tracking of Battlefield 3 pre-orders showed them surpassing 2,000% more than those of Battlefield 2 pre-orders. (2,000% is a silly big number..but Battlefield 2 wasn’t overly popular like it’s Bad Company 1 and 2 siblings.) If you’re curious, the number is actually roughly 2,302%, but who’s counting. (Other than DICE while they start picking out their gold plated Hummers they’ve always wanted.)

Amazon UK also dropped a few more stats on everything else that people care about this coming holiday season:

Though it should be fairly clear that as technology gets better, games get better and more people buy them, I think it’s safe to say that gaming is still growing every day. With a lot of major titles due out this fall and over the holidays, the industry is positioned to laugh the tough economic times around the world off and simply go to town blasting zombies, shooting terrorists in the face, blowing up aliens, playing sports, and stealing random things from people. Power to the gamer…

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Christopher Poirier
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