Team Bondi Officially Sold Off To KMM? L.A. Noire For PC Unaffected Either Way

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So, ZKG has done it yet again and given you the news as it was happening. (You’re welcome..) According to Develop, all of Team Bondi’s assets and intellectual property has been sold to Kennedy Miller Mitchell (Also known as KMM, very original.) All employees have been given staffing position offers, while current Bondi head Brendan McNamara has been offered a currently undisclosed role and/or a golden parachute.

..and the award for most unoriginal logo ever goes to....

Though it’s unclear as to what McNamara’s future holds, the one thing we can rely on is the future of L.A. Noire. (Just in case you were concerned…some people actually are you know..) Rockstar currently owns all of the rights to L.A. Noire and will be proceeding with its DLC releases, updates, and upcoming PC launch.

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