Activision Confirms Modern Warfare 3 Will Be Available On Nintendo DS: Money Is Still Green

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Okay, I beat up Activision, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch for being money hungry in their announcement about  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to the Nintendo Wii. However, I have to draw the line somewhere don’t I? As a hardcore FPS player, supporter, and journalist I can’t just sit idly by as an FPS is announced to a platform that just isn’t designed for FPS type play. Well, here we are again kids and Nintendo is going to have to deal with the fact their systems are not truly aimed and/or geared at the FPS market. But does that bother Activision? Apparently not, as Social Media Manager Dan Amrich of Activision would like everyone to know that Modern Warfare 3 will be coming to your local game shop for your DS at launch.

..enjoy your hand cramps while playing with all of

Handling the tech will be DS veteran n-Space who also ported COD4, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and World at War (just to name a few). So, if you’re into the small screen and stylus kind of FPS play, then I guess Activision didn’t want to miss out on your money any more so than any other platform. So much so in fact, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick stated recently in an interview that the level of consumer interest in Modern Warfare 3 is so high, he has nothing to compare it against in the entire 21-year history of the company.

The money is green no matter how they make it I suppose, but does there come a point when a market is simply over saturated?

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(Note: ..still not a Nintendo hater..I love my Wii..but..uh..not for FPS..come on…)

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