Uncharted 3 Sand Sculpture: Sand Imitating Video Game Art [VIDEO]

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The Interactive and Digital Entertainment Festival (or IDEF to those far too cool to know what it actually stands for..looking at you France..) took place back in June, which seems like ages ago now.  IDEF, like most gaming showcase events, allowed all the latest, greatest, and expected titles to place their products on display to attempt and win the love of potential consumers, however Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception was unveiled in a slightly different way: As a sand sculpture.

Yup, leave it to the French to take something that is meant to be displayed in all of its 1080p goodness and hand it over to a handful of starving artists to create something..different.  So, while people were indoors enjoying the latest screens and playable demos of both the campaign and multiplayer, others were out on the beach taking in Naughty Dog’s now iconic “Drake Near Crashed Plane In Desert” image.

To be fair, this is pretty amazing, it’s just hard to put amazing sand sculpture and high definition gaming in the same category.  Though this is a pretty good start.  Enjoy.

Uncharted 3 will be in stores November 11,2011.

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